Corporation details - Machiavellian Empire [MACE1]
Alliance: Test Alliance Please Ignore CEO: Dywas Ornatos
Kills: 181 HQ:
Losses: 47 Members: 341
ISK destroyed: 826.68B Shares: 40000
ISK lost: 8.98B Tax Rate: 10%
Efficiency: 98.93% Website:
Null Sec Corp within Test Alliance Please Ignore.

✦ Null Operations (PVE/Indy/Exploration/PVP)
✦ PVP Fleets (Alliance wide to Small gang corp fleets)
✦ Corporate Services (Discord + Forums)
✦ Research Facilities
✦ Refining Facilities
✦ All Production Facilitiies including Capitals and Supers
✦ Buyback Program
✦ Everyone is expected to help defend our home.

Machiavellian Empire welcomes all players with an active community across all timezones.
We are primarily a Null based corp within a PVP Alliance inhabiting rich Sov space with vast PVP opportunities spanning Null Sov warfare, Small gangs to Alliance wide fleets.
We offer a multitude of activities based out of Null for all levels of pilots (Newer Pilots welcome).
Recruitment is currently:

Public/Recruitment Channel: MACE1 Public
marcus nakwe
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