Corporation details - Fuel Blocks for Dante [S4LT.]
Alliance: Test Alliance Please Ignore CEO: Titus Cole Dooley
Kills: 55 HQ:
Losses: 10 Members: 203
ISK destroyed: 566.11B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 6.22B Tax Rate: 12.5%
Efficiency: 98.91% Website:
Fuel Blocks for Dante [S4LT.] is a corporation that focuses on friendship first and foremost. It’s the real friendships that we build using our discord server and the GAME of EVE Online that we are most interested in. With that said we all take EVE very serious and want to win in all the things we do. We as a corporation provide fuel blocks to the alliance as our name suggests. We do more than just build fuel though, we support TEST Alliance Please Ignore with all of our resources should they call for it. This means we push for our members to go on fleets and be apart of the always on going fight against our foes. If it’s not fighting our foes on TQ it is practicing fleet fights on SiSi. TEST plays to win and so does S4LT. When not on fleets we work on corporation building in the form of moon mining, ice mining, and fuel block related PI. S4LT. has the attitude of TEST first, Corporation Second, and Personal third. This does not mean we do not care about our members well being, that is the opposite. It’s because we care so much about our members that we have this outlook. The better the relationship between the alliance and corporation the better it is for the members. The better our members do the better our corporation can do for the alliance and our members.

S4LT. is a smaller corporation in TEST and we like it that way. It feels nice to not just being a number in the crowd for people. In S4LT. you will be known and have a meaningful impact in game and as real as it can get online, in real life. Apply to S4LT. today and help build the friendship.

What S4LT. offers:

Small corp feel and big Alliance backing
Content when you want it
Monthly corp goals and objectives
ORE, ICE, and PI buyback programs
Null Sec opportunities: ratting, mining, exploration, and large fleet fights
Help getting prepared for large null fights

What S4LT. Requires:

30 Mil Skill Points
Must have enough isk to buy doctrine ships (5 Billion isk)
Trained to fly an interceptor
Able to train into a shield Fax
Communication on Mumble, Jabber, and Discord
Have a working Mic

What S4LT. Expects of its members:

Fleet participation
Active on the forums
Go on Alliance Deployments
Have all required fleet comps alliance stagings systems
INTEGRATE, with this corp and others in the alliance.
Financially independent (knows how or has the means to make their own isk)
Help out with PI and ice mining when asked for.

If you would like to make real friends and be a part of something bigger Join S4LT. today.

I you would like to Join S4LT. Join our Discord public chat below! We would like to talk with you.
10 Most recent kills
Ship type Victim Final blow Location
Pure Blind, X-7OMU (0.0)
I: 208
Initiative Mercenaries
Pure Blind, X-7OMU (0.0)
I: 123
Pure Blind, X-7OMU (0.0)
I: 88
Pure Blind, X-7OMU (0.0)
I: 146
Pure Blind, X-7OMU (0.0)
I: 189
Augoror Navy Issue
Pandemic Horde
Pure Blind, X-7OMU (0.0)
I: 119
Einherji I
Pandemic Horde
Pure Blind, X-7OMU (0.0)
I: 28
Einherji I
Pandemic Horde
Pure Blind, X-7OMU (0.0)
I: 28
Augoror Navy Issue
Pandemic Horde
Pure Blind, X-7OMU (0.0)
I: 128
Deklein, 3T7-M8 (0.0)
I: 29
10 Most recent losses
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