Corporation details - Dissident Aggressors [DTAS]
Alliance: Mordus Angels CEO: Gen Eve
Kills: 5294 HQ:
Losses: 18 Members: 32
ISK destroyed: 2,508.26B Shares: 2000000000
ISK lost: 3.69B Tax Rate: 10%
Efficiency: 99.85% Website:
DTAS is a mostly EU TZ based PVP corp based in Pure Blind for the last eight years. We are the executor corp of Mordus Angels which has been waging guerilla war on the local mega-coalition holders since they first came into existence. Our speciality is small/med gang warfare but do often come together in larger fleets with other neutrals to hit our enemies harder.

We are looking for high quality people. Its not all about skill points, attitude and outlook are the most important attributes we consider. Joining DTAS means joining a team of friends who have been together for years, if you come you will likely stay. As such we set a high standard for new team members, you do not have to be the finished article but the following must apply to any new applicant:

*You must be coming to primarily PVP with us.
*You must have comms that work and be able to practice good comms discipline.
*You must be prepared to participate in the furthering of alliance objectives (join fleet!)
*You must be self sufficient in ships and resources.
*You must have enough SP to fly our critical doctrine ships.
*You need to be a mature, preferably chilled out, well grounded individual. Most of us are between 30-40 years young, the corp has a great atmosphere and there is no agro. Its all about having fun but our tolerance for douchebags is limited. :)

If you feel that the above does apply to you and you wish to submit an application you now need to do the following:

I. READ our statement of purpose and values. It sets out in detail what we stand for and what is expected of you.
II. Join 'DTAS HR' channel and make first contact - DETAILS INSIDE
III. Send FULL API with your inital in-game application - DETAILS INSIDE
IV. Based on the above you will be contacted for a TS3 conversation prior to approval in most instances.
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